Top 19 hotels near Parnassos Ski Centre in Greece villages: Arachova (Αράχωβα), Thiva (Thebes), Livadia, Kyriaki, Antikyra.

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Aegli Hotel
Category: 5*****
Alpen House Furnished Apts
Category: 4****
Alpen House
Anemolia Hotel
Category: 3***
Antikyra Beach Hotel
Category: 2**
Antikyra Beach
Arahova Inn Hotel
Category: 2**
Arahova Inn
Astero Hotel
Category: 1*
Dionyssion Melathron Hotel
Category: 2**
Dionyssion Melathron
Erato Hotel
Category: 2**
Ippokrini Traditional Hotel
Category: B'CLASS
Iridanos Hotel
Category: 3***
Levadia Hotel
Category: 3***
Lykoria Hotel
Category: 4****
Niovi Hotel
Category: 2**
Parnassia Hotel
Category: 3***
Santa Marina Arachova Hotel
Category: 3***
Santa Marina Arachova
Santa Marina Arahova Resort Hotel
Category: 5*****
Santa Marina Arahova Resort
Skamnos Hotel
Category: 2**
To Hani Tou Zemenou Motel
Category: 3***
To Hani Tou Zemenou
Villa Filoxenia Furnished Apts
Category: 2**
Villa Filoxenia

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Boeotia is a region in Central Greece.
Prefecture of Boeotia attracts tourists with its archaeological landmarks, as well as its wonderful dry Mediterranean climate. You can spend an unforgettable time in Boeotia, both in summer and in winter, as both of the seasons are equally pleasant. More than a third of the year in this area of Greece is sunny. Summers are usually long and dry, and winters are mild.
Vacationers enjoy beaches of the Gulf of Corinth, great views of the coast of the Euboea island, and a ski resort on Mount Parnassus (Parnassos).

This is where a famous mountain – Helicon – is situated. The Ancient Greeks believed that muses (mythical beauties inspiring artists, poets and musicians) lived there. Whether it’s true or not – decide for yourself; however, the mountain offers fantastic views, especially at its eastern part looking to Euboea.

There are very interesting tourist attractions on the slopes of Mount Helicon. On its western slope, there is the monastery of St. Luke, the most significant monument of Middle Byzantine period in Greece.

Boeotia is a region with ancient culture. Yet in the Neolithic age, there were prosperous settlements that have left a noticeable cultural heritage: Orchomenus, Chaeronea, Eutresis, Elatia, and Thebes.

The cosmopolitan town of Arachova, the winter resort in Parnassus with its excellent ski center, Orchomenos (that was the oldest and richest city of antiquity), Chaeronea (the native land of Plutarch), Plataea that is famous for battle with Persians, Thebes (the birthplace of the mythical Hercules and King Oedipus), as well as the coast of Euboea and Corinthian Gulf will definitely amaze foreign guests.

Besides routes that are recommended in travel guide books, you can get to Boeotia through Mandra-Thebes pass, but this way requires caution, as there is dense fog in cloudy weather. However, this route is not only way shorter and cheaper (as there are no toll roads) but also much more interesting.
Resorts and beaches of Boeotia

Agios Isidoros
A popular 500-meter-long pebble beach of Agios Isidoros, a winner of the "Blue Flag" award, is located just 2 km away from the village of Antikyra. It is surrounded by mountains and full of greenery. On its territory, olives, cypresses and flowering shrubs grow. In coastal waters, dolphins can often be met. In the village and by the beach, there are a lot of hotels and apartments. The beach is equipped with sun loungers and parasols. Local boats and crafts regularly stop at a wooden jetty, fishermen sell their daily catch.

Small quiet beaches of the Gulf of Corinth are waiting for you in a small town of Anticyra. Lovely comfortable hotels located directly on the waterfront offer accommodation at affordable prices.
Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere of this charming seaside village, which is ready to provide entertainment and recreation on land and at sea at any time of the year. Spend quiet days on the beach in summer. And in winter, enjoy the fresh winter air at the ski resort of Mount Parnassus, which is located around here.

Arachova – a beautiful tiny town at the foot of Parnassus, with breathtaking views, numerous cheap hotels, restaurants, taverns, and night clubs. The small town is rich in antique buildings that, together with narrow streets, give a special atmosphere to Arachova. The Parnassos Ski Centre is the largest and well organized resort in Greece. The resort itself doesn’t have hotels. So tourists reside at the hotels in the nearest to Parnas tiny towns. Arachova is the most popular of them. The name of the town has become a synonym of holidays in Greece. In winter Arachova gets very populated because Greeks like to hang out here in winter. The place is called “winter Miconos” for its active night live and popularity among the youngsters. Arachova night clubs can easily compete with those of the capital. A variety of taverns and restaurants promise you an unforgettable gastronomic delight.
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